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About Modular & Building Process

Our system-built custom homes provide a cost effective, energy efficient and time saving solution for building a new home. When designing your new Heritage Home, the choices are limited only by your imagination. Heritage Homes uses the latest in home-building technology and is one of mid-America's premier system homebuilders.

Each home we build is truly with our clients in mind. All homes are built with the highest quality materials and conform to the most stringent codes in the nation.

The first step of the process is to meet with our talented design team to create a preliminary design and cost estimate. We have a wide variety of standard plans, but our flexibility allows us to work from your plan. Before submitting your house plans to Heritage Homes, we will review them and make appropriate changes to insure you have the 'perfect plan' that fits your family.

After all plans are finalized, the architectural set of plans is ordered. Any last minute changes are made and your house is ordered. Once Heritage Homes receives your blueprints, your home goes on their production schedule and will typically start in six to eight weeks.

While Heritage Homes is constructing your home at the factory, we submit the plans to the Building Department and receive all necessary building permits. The excavation, foundation and utilities are put in place.

When your home is delivered, we set it on the foundation and complete the finish work both inside and out. Any other site work, such as a garage, deck, porch or patio is also completed. Then, you are ready to move in and enjoy!

And how long does this process take? It varies. The timeline for Fair & Square Modular to complete a Heritage Home is approximately one-half of what it takes to build a comparable site built home. As for cost, a Heritage Home will cost you less to build and less to own throughout the years of ownership due to benefits such as increased energy efficient windows, no maintenance windows and siding, air tight, well insulated walls and roofs and better quality products and materials.

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